BPR Audit provides audit and assurance services including the following:

  • Superannuation Audits – this includes the audit of self managed superannuation funds (SMSF). See our SMSF Specialist audit section.
  • External Audits (Corporations Law) – for clients requiring an audit under the Corporations Act including Australian Financial Service Licencees.
  • External Audits (Other) – for clients in various industries that require to report per applicable Government legislation or peak body requirements such as grant audits etc.
  • Non-Profit Organisations – audit of various types of non-profit entities including incorporated associations and limited by guarantee companies.
  • Trust Accounts – this includes the audits of solicitor, real estate and accountant’s trust accounts.

SMSF Specialist Auditors

Our firm (including the predecessor firm BPR Accountants Pty Ltd) has been auditing self managed superannuation funds since 1999. We are registered with ASIC and are members of the SMSF Association. We have the Auditor and Advisor designations.

We mainly provide SMSF independent audit services for accounting firms and self managed superannuation fund administrators. We are happy to provide references/testimonials upon request.

Our firm has been reviewed by the Australian Taxation Office as part of their Top 100 Self Managed Superannuation Fund Auditor Program and our systems and processes were deemed to be of a high standard. A clean report was received in May 2012 and January 2019. We are justifiably proud that our firm has been recognised by the regulator (Australian Taxation Office) as complying with the standards expected. In the recent round of reviews by the ATO, we were one of only 10 firms out of 51 who received a clean report. We have spent considerable time and effort in developing our self managed superannuation fund audit and risk management systems and processes. This is a continual process for us and enables our firm to provide a leading edge service to our clients.

Our firm prides ourselves on providing quality self managed superannuation fund audit services with an emphasis upon the following:

  • Systemised focus on turnaround times and ability to prioritise for urgent audits. We focus on providing Clients with certainty.
  • Competitive and flexible or fixed fee structures.
  • Ability to meet your technological delivery requirements for files to be audited.
  • Quick response to technical queries and emphasis on working with Clients to solve issues that arise from time to time, even outside the audit process. We welcome being a sounding board.
  • Regular liaison with our network of Industry experts and professional associations to keep abreast of industry and compliance issues
  • Regular Training and Professional Development of staff including attendance at industry conferences.
  • Capacity to handle large volumes of audits. We have many team members.
  • Pragmatism – we are pragmatic Auditors that can see the big picture where others often cannot.
  • BPR Audit are completely hands-on. All of our team are active external auditors all of the time.
  • IndependenceBPR Audit was established in 1999 in response to the growing need for independent external audits. External auditing is all that we do.